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02/05/2022 15:17

How can you get the best security with wristbands? The main function of wristbands is to ensure authorized entry and easy identification. 

The first step to getting the best event security is choosing our NON-transferable wristbands (all wristbands are non-transferable other than the silicone wristbands and reusable vinyl wristbands). The wristbands are durable and they stay on the wrists in the position your hostesses put them on at the door.

Wristfield will not give out any information regarding the design, colour or type of wristbands to anyone else other than the person placing the order. 

If you are still worried that the wristbands could be forged by someone (e.g. larger festivals or exclusive events), the second step is to get UV printing on your wristbands along with the regular printing! 

The wristbands can be printed with the same or different designs for both prints. The UV print is not visible in natural or artificial light either, so the wearer of the wristband cannot tell that there is another print on the band. You can check the validity of the wristbands with a portable UV lamp in a matter of seconds. 

(If you do not have any special UV lamp, we can help you in getting them)

With these two steps, your wristband security will be excellent and you can make sure that unauthorized personnel cannot enter your event. You can also make sure that your wristbands will not be forged. 

UV printing has many other benefits as well. You can use these wristbands for promotional purposes or prize draws as well. If you only print a certain number of wristbands with UV printing you can find out who the winner is by simply checking the bands. All you need is a few UV lamps to provide the necessary light to make the printing visible. By giving them free entry or other prizes you can make them keep the wristbands until your next event, showing all their friends how awesome it was that they won. They will also be likely to go to the next event and probably with their friends so you will get more income from drinks, food etc. You would not want to leave out on a great opportunity like this, would you?